Monday, February 21, 2005

McIntyre reviews 'The Vanishing Newspaper'

John McIntyre has reviewed "The Vanishing Newspaper" for the Baltimore Sun. His summary doesn't sound quite as grim for copy editors as this discussion might have:
His fundamental point, the one at which the data hint, is that newspapers succeed by achieving influence in the communities in which they publish, and that they reach that level of influence through accuracy and credibility.

To enhance that reach, he suggests, newspapers must strengthen their credibility. That may mean moving from operating as a craft, in which anyone who can cobble together a noun and a verb can become a journalist (as many have), to a professional level with more specialized training and certification, particularly in such arcane areas as computer-assisted reporting and statistical analysis. He suggests that codes of conduct, if stated and enforced, will also enhance credibility.

I've started reading the book myself. I'll probably have some thoughts of my own this week.


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