Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Style & Substance

The latest edition of the Wall Street Journal's in-house style newsletter is available.

Most of it is dedicated to sniffing out dangling participles -- with lots of examples. If you have trouble identifying these, this newsletter will help.

The quiz section is good because it is varied. You'll get style issues and grammatical points. There's a smidgen of tech terminology, too, but you'll be the better for it.

* And there are these two quick hits:
In stories about airlines' problems with paying their pensions, we have been calling the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. a "quasigovernmental insurer of pensions." In fact, we should call it what it is, a federal agency, as it was created by federal law and is overseen by a board of three cabinet secretaries. It is funded by premiums from employers, but that doesn't make it quasigovernmental.

* If you plan to use a phone number or Web site in a story, you must routinely first call the number or access the site to verify it and then mark the copy CQ. Failure to verify phone numbers or URLs often leads to corrections.
Good stuff. Find the PDF here.


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