Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Dear Norm Goldstein

Doug Fisher at Common Sense Journalism wrote an open letter to Norm Goldstein on other AP style changes he'd like to see.

Now that fundraising is one word (man, that will take some getting used to), he'd like to see others follow suit: under way, good will, work force. I'd have just as soon seen the word require hyphens in every instance, and I'm in no rush to close these other words up. I think the confusion with fund raising wasn't due to whether it was one word or two: It had more to do with remembering that fund-raiser was always hyphenated and that fund-raising was hyphenated only sometimes.

Doug also wants the entry on U.N. to make more clear that it is acceptable as both a noun and an adjective. The stylebook forbade the use of it as a noun until last year, when it dropped the language from the entry. The recently changed entry on U.S. is very clear: "The abbreviation is acceptable as a noun or adjective for United States."


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