Friday, March 04, 2005

Martha, Martha, Martha

Various headlines about Martha Stewart from around the nation:

"Leaving prison: It's a good thing" (Modesto Bee)
"Coming home to 'a good thing'" (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
"Martha's best move -- Why prison time was a good thing for domestic diva" (Philadelphia Daily News)
"Martha Stewart now living ... free" (Charlotte Sun)
"Hello, Martha -- Martha Stewart Leaving -- She's Getting Out Of Prison Today" (Newsday)
"Out and ready for her just deserts" (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)
"Out of Prison, Martha Stewart May Now Face A Tougher Trial" (Washington Post)
"Out of prison, into the limelight" (Kansas City Star)
"Out of prison, into the spotlight" (Akron Beacon Journal)
"Time well spent -- Martha Stewart leaves prison richer, more likable and a hotter commodity than when she went in" (San Francisco Chronicle)
"Martha mania builds at end of term" (Miami Herald)
"Martha rises again" (Chicago Red Eye)
"Martha Stewart's rehabilitation" (St. Paul Pioneer Press)
"She's back -- Will Martha show a sweeter side after 5 months in prison?" (Charlotte Observer)
"From the big house to the bigger house" (Virginian-Pilot)
"Fine living back in Martha's planner" (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
"Prison stint ends today; now it's Martha, Martha, Martha" (Dallas Morning News)


At 5:57 PM, March 04, 2005, Blogger Etaoin Shrdlu said...

Funny you should mention the Star Tribune headline. Apparently we had a hundred-plus calls, as well as TV and radio commentary, saying we had misspelled the headline. Basically, people were convinced that it should have been "just desserts."

There's going to be a note to readers in the Saturday paper explaining why desert is proper. This is what the reader's rep, who took many of the calls, posted early Friday:

Unjust deserts: We didn't deserve criticism
Kate Parry, Reader's Representative
March 4, 2005

Readers, radio announcers and television stations poked some fun at the Star Tribune this morning, saying the front page headline on the Martha Stewart story -- "Out and ready for her just deserts" -- was spelled incorrectly. They thought it should have been "just desserts."

But "desert" is the correct spelling -- most of us spell the phrase wrong, thinking it refers to the sweets we eat after dinner. It's from the French word for "deserve."

Readers who want to explore the phrase further can consult page 390 of the Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition.

At 6:04 PM, March 04, 2005, Blogger Nicole said...

Vince, check this out.


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