Monday, March 07, 2005

Winner named in Strib's headline contest

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune's reader representative announced a winner to her headline contest, and a Capital Idea reader was commended for his work. (Read this for background.)

Kate Parry liked a headline by Mike Innocenzi on a story about a priest who caught a walleye and landed on the Internet: "Record catch no longer walleye of the beholder." Mike works in the art department of Dallas' People Newspapers. (He has a blog.)

Alas, Mike wasn't the overall winner:
But after consultations with the copy desk, a winner was declared: Kim Cope triumphed with the headline trio, "Defense stymies 911 info,"Priest's fish spawns Web suckers: Is the jig up?" and "Osama seized!" Kim lives in Minneapolis and writes content for attorneys' websites in her job with the FindLaw division of Thomson West. Her win was even more impressive after she explained that she wrote the headlines while a cat walked back and forth across her computer keyboard.
No word on whether she'll actually spend a night with the copy desk -- or try to beat them in trivia. (Vince, can you fill us in?)


At 3:40 PM, March 07, 2005, Blogger Etaoin Shrdlu said...

Sounds like she will. No final date set, but Kate Parry said she was excited to do so.

At 4:34 PM, March 07, 2005, Blogger Nicole said...

Excellent. Let us know how the night goes, if it ever does.


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