Wednesday, May 11, 2005

McIntyre resigns from ACES

John McIntyre has resigned as president of ACES for personal reasons, the organization said today on its Web site. Chris Weinandt will succeed him.

"John’s a tough act to follow,” Wienandt said in the news release. “But ACES is a strong organization full of great people, and we will continue to work toward the goals we’ve set for ourselves.”

UDPATE: Wienandt's post on the executive board will be filled by Scott Toole, news editor of the Express-Times in Easton, Pa.

Tributes to McIntyre are starting to come in. One, on the ACES message board, is from the KC Star's news copy chief, Jake Jacobson:
How sad to read that John McIntyre is stepping down as president. I've known him less than a year, but he has already helped shape my management style by reinforcing that an empowered, enthusiastic copy editor is a better copy editor.

Anyone who saw him cutting a rug at the Saturday night social in Hollywood knows how much fun copy editors can have in the company of colleagues. As he told Dave Bennett and me around 1 a.m. at the hotel bar, "This conference is my favorite thing that I get to do in my job, and if it lasted one more day, it would kill me."

And as I think most of us would agree, that would be a pretty good way to go.
He asks for others to share their anecdotes.

At Testy Copy Editors, Peter Fisk says, "No words can fully express the gratitude we owe John for his tireless contributions to our profession."


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