Monday, May 23, 2005

There's tasteless, and then there's the New York Post

Did your newspaper run the photos of Saddam in his underwear? breaks down the front-page options papers had, with telling examples: make no mention of the photos at all, run a story without a photo, run a story of photos of other media outlets' coverage, run the photos with a tasteless headline, or make compete asses of yourself with a headline like "Wedgie of Mass Discussion."

Find out who did what.


At 9:50 AM, May 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I wouldn't have used "Wedgie of Mass Discussion," I did find it amusing as hell.


At 10:26 AM, May 24, 2005, Blogger Nicole said...

You know I appreciate most inappopriate headlines, but I couldn't even crack a smile at this one.

I did crack a smile to discover that you found it amusing, though.

At 3:46 AM, May 25, 2005, Blogger The Grammarian said...

*channels Beavis*

Heh, heh -- you said "crack."

At 1:51 AM, May 28, 2005, Blogger James d. said...

I always feel as if this is the niche that the Post is supposed to occupy in the newspaper world: write the headline you think of but dismiss as ridiculous.


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