Sunday, May 01, 2005

We're famous! We're famous!

Well, at the very least, we're mentioned in a newspaper.

Testy Copy Editors showed up in the QT column in the Chicago Sun-Times -- from a post by ADKbrown.
It's raining cats and blogs

Testy Copy Editors, www.testy, wonders, only slightly testily, if newspapers might cut it out with the headlines that include the phrase "blogged down."

Now that it is mentioned, we might reconsider, also:

"Blog cabin," "Blog rolling," "Throw another blog on the fire," "Blog of war," "A chip off the old blog," "My life as a blog" and "Let slip the blogs of war."

There have been no instances of "Man bites blog."

(The weird thing is that the post is certainly not original Testy content. ADKbrown is just pointing out comments from Jay Rosen, which he saw in a Howard Kurtz column, which I saw in Romenesko's letters, and which was also on Rosen's blog. I'd hope a column devoted almost entirely to blog entries would pay a bit more attention to attribution.)


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