Thursday, October 06, 2005

AP style preview

In the October-November edition of the Copy Editor newsletter, Norm Goldstein rails against went missing, "most grammarians would strongly advise writers to avoid" it and its variations. (See related Capital Idea posts here and here.)

He also says AP is toying with Texas Hold 'em as the style for the newly ubiquitous poker game. I don't get that. If 'em stands as a separate word, why is the E not capped? I'd vote for Texas Hold 'Em. Anyone have a good reason to convince me I'm wrong? I sent the question to Goldstein; I'll let you know if he responds.

(Goldstein also points out that the modifier no-limit is lowercase and hyphenated.)


At 2:33 PM, October 06, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it should be Texas hold 'em, since we don't capitalize roulette, craps or blackjack, or other varieties of poker. It's only an issue because the "Texas" part has to be capitalized.

At 11:44 AM, October 08, 2005, Blogger Nicole said...

And I wonder about other extensions of this rule. What about "hold 'em" without the Texas? Will that be capped? (To my knowledge, there is no Massachusetts Hold 'em to compete.)

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