Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Corrections all around

I found out from Punctuational that at least some of the copies of People magazine containing a photo caption error were corrected.

How? I found out from Media Orchard that People stopped the presses to fix the gaffe.

But wait, there's more, from the New York Post gossip pages. (Try to stay with me here.) New York Daily News columnist Lloyd Grove reported that People stopped the presses, which pissed off People.

The magazine complained to Grove's boss, Martin Dunn. Dunn responded with "Lloyd Grove is a [bleep]ing idiot. His page is stupid."

One source says that Dunn, intending to forward the original People complaint to Grove, instead forwarded the insulting response, as well. Ouch.

But Dunn said he did it on purpose:
"I was trying to convince Larry [from People] I was really mad at Lloyd. It was duplicitous diplomacy," he says.

That may be true, but it doesn't make Dunn look much better. Even so, "duplicitous diplomacy" is gold.


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