Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ready for a good laugh?

From an article on news mistakes from the Post & Mail of Columbia City, Ind., via Testy Copy Editors:
Newspapers are not allowed to make ANY changes to an AP story, no matter how glaring it may be. It's a rule we must follow and sometimes the story with an error is the only one on the topic, and if it's important enough we have to run it.

The only exception to changing an AP story is cutting off paragraphs at the bottom so the story will fit.


At 6:48 AM, November 05, 2005, Blogger House of Dave said...

I feel compelled to note, for those who do not follow the link or read to its conclusion, that the article in question was written by the "staff intern" at the Post & Mail, which serves a city of barely 7,000 people. Someone that low on the food chain is probably still in high school, and unpaid, besides.


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