Monday, October 03, 2005

Style & Substance

The Wall Street Journal's Style & Substance newsletter for September is out.

Paul Martin warns not to jump the gun on the real-estate bubble. That implies that we know it's going to burst. "In the present tense, we have a real-estate-market boom or surge," he writes.

And he weighs in on the refugee-evacuee hubbub, choosing to allow refugees when referring to the surviving victims, "at least until they find permanent new homes or return to their old ones." He adds:
But we reject the reasoning of a California emailer who suggested that those who fled to Texas "were certainly refugees, because that's like another country."
Heh. I believe Texas is "like a whole other country," but point well taken.

Other highlights: preserving the difference between healthy and healthful, a new capital of Kazakstan, and a particularly good quiz this month.


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