Wednesday, November 16, 2005

For what it's worth ...

Merriam-Webster has launched its Open Dictionary, where readers can submit words. It's updated a couple of times a day.

A browse through the words that have made it so far shows that this must be in no way monitored, which renders it pretty useless.

The entries include recently coined slang:
haggard-ass (adjective) : syn. of pathetic
That was a haggard-ass kickflip. -Bam Margera
There's jargon:
nutmeg (verb) : In soccer, to kick the ball between the defending player's legs, and then regain control of the ball. Also known as "to 'meg'". To be nutmegged can be embarrassing, especially if the offensive player then scores a goal.
Wow! Did you see that boy just netmeg (or 'meg) the other player?
There's plenty of ignorance:
gay (noun) : a same-sex attraction; a stupid lifestyle that gets people aids
And then there are the kids trying to make jokes:
Family (noun) : People put on the Earth to ruin your life while they turn the odds against you in every way just to piss you off.
My family sucks. --Chris Bizzary Hizenerary, Myself, November 16, 2005
I'll probably never look at this site again -- too much oyster cracking, not enough pearls. But I got a couple of laughs while it lasted.


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