Monday, November 07, 2005

New circulation figures

New weekday circulation figures for the six-month period that ended Sept. 30, compared with comparable figures from a year ago.

NewspaperSept. 2005 CircGain/LossChange
USA Today2,296,335-13,518-0.59%
The Wall Street Journal2,083,660-23,114-1.10%
The New York Times1,126,1905,1330.46%
Los Angeles Times843,432-33,184-3.79%
Daily News, New York688,584-26,468-3.70%
The Washington Post678,779-28,991-4.09%
New York Post662,681-11,708-1.74%
Chicago Tribune586,122-14,866-2.47%
Houston Chronicle (M-S)521,419-33,367-6.01%
Boston Globe414,225-37,246-8.25%
Arizona Republic (M-S)411,043-2,225-0.54%
San Francisco Chronicle (M-S)400,906-79,681-16.58%
Star-Ledger (N.J.)400,092500.01%
Star Tribune (Minn.) (M-S)374,528-961-0.26%
Atlanta Journal-Constitution362,426-34,674-8.73%
Philadelphia Inquirer357,679-11,635-3.15%
Detroit Free-Press341,248-7,590-2.18%
Cleveland Plain-Dealer339,055-15,845-4.46%
Oregonian (Portland, Ore.)333,515-4,192-1.24%
San Diego Union-Tribune314,279-20,908-6.24%

The numbers for three newspapers usually in the Top 20 are still being withheld: Newsday, the Dallas Morning News and the Chicago Sun-Times.


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