Tuesday, May 09, 2006

All punned out yet?

The public editor at the San Antonio Express-News addressed the ban on headline puns again in his column Sunday (last six grafs).

A Chicago Tribune columnist got a little too punny about the news in his blog.

Language Log has a related piece on what's a pun and what's not.

Words at Work's post says such a ban is shortsighted. There are stories that cry out for a pun in the headline. "Who will risk Rivard's wrath to write something humorous and risk being publicly identified as immature by the boss?" the post asks.

Brian Montopoli, in CBS News' Public Eye blog, lists recent punny headlines there and asks for feedback: Do they work? (Warning: All are puns on names; they're from a feature on interviews with other CBS News workers.) (Remember Montopoli? He used to write for CJR's media blog. He wrote that piece on the bad puns in headlines after Anne Bancroft died.)


At 12:13 AM, May 10, 2006, Anonymous rknil said...

Wenalway had a short note about it, too, in which the context of the decree was correctly predicted. Guess the omission is an accidental oversight.


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