Friday, July 28, 2006

Getting to know you ...

Pam Robinson has more Q&A's up at Words at Work, including ones from Bill Walsh, Doug Fisher, Heads Up: the Blog's Fred Vultee and me.

A teaser, from Bill's:
I find myself playing the descriptivist, the anti-stickler, at least as often as I'm the stickler you might expect. A recent e-mail was typical: One of my regulars was aghast at this "error" he had found in an otherwise reputable place -- "entitled" where it should have been "titled." I explained that "entitled" isn't wrong; it just isn't AP style, and it goes against the general principle that copy editors choose the simpler over the more complex, the shorter over the longer, all other things being equal. I find the online engagement between descriptivists and prescriptivists constructive.


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