Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A simple typo -- or am I 1337?

After misspelling the a few times in that last post, I was reminded of the teh phenomenon in leet speak. (Look at me! I'm using Wikipedia as a source!)

Check out the Wikipedia entry on teh. Here's a teaser:
In English, the can be used as an intensifier for the superlative form of adjectives; compare "that is best" and "that is the best". "Teh" has a similar use as an intensifier for unmodified adjectives, generally marking a sarcastic tone. For example, "that is teh lame" translates as "that is the lamest". This contrasts with the standard use of the in English to construct mass nouns from adjectives, as in "blessed are the meek", where the meek denotes a class of people who are meek.


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