Friday, February 03, 2006

MTV hiring a copy editor

Here's the job post, from MediaBistro:
MTV News is looking for a copy editor to work with online news, features and other editorial projects in our Times Square headquarters. Responsibilities include:
* Day-to-day editing of news stories, features and reviews, which includes line editing, copy editing and fact checking on a tight deadline.

* Crafting smart and engaging headlines, subheads, promotional copy, etc.

* Working with newswriters to help shape larger features.

* Developing and maintaining an appropriate voice and tone to correspond with our audience's interests and attitude; also working directly with writers to develop and maintain that voice, stressing the importance of connecting with our target audience.

* Contributing to daily content meetings and brainstorming gatherings.

* Staying on top of what's happening on MTV as well as the greater issues, trends and personalities that are important to our audience.

Basically, are you a wiz at writing engaging headlines? Do you know your AP style guide inside and out? Can you turn 1,200 words from a wet-behind-the-ears freelancer into 800 words that sing? And can you keep your cool on a deadline that's measured in minutes, not hours or days? Then we're looking for you.
They want you to have two years' experience, preferably in magazines or online news.

Apply at MTV.


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