Monday, August 23, 2004

Looking for a new job?

The Minneapolis Star Tribune is hiring copy editors on a couple of desks. (Don't forget: It is one of the best-paying union papers.)
The Star Tribune has openings for copy editors on our Nation-World and Night General Assignment teams. Both are full-time. The Night GA copy editor will edit stories, write headlines and cutlines and proof pages, usually for the front page and local news sections. For this position we are seeking an experienced copy editor who has excellent word skills and strong news judgment. We want a copy editor with a flair for writing headlines and other display type that will entice readers into the stories. Must be able to work quickly and calmly in the face of deadline pressure.

For the Nation-World team, we are seeking an editor with strong skills and a keen interest in national and world events. Most shifts will be as a rim editor, but ability to fill in as a slot or wire editor is a plus. The basic duties are editing copy, compiling wire stories, writing
headlines and cutlines and proofing pages. Candidates should have solid ability in copy editing, including accuracy, fairness and grammar. Strength in news judgment and headline and cutline writing. A quick and flexible approach to work, and strong collaboration and communication
skills. A flair for writing headlines and other display type that will entice readers into the stories. We value initiative and deft work on deadline and the ability to work well under pressure. The applicant should have a broad understanding of national, political and foreign

Candidates for both must pass the Star Tribune copy-editing test.

The Star Tribune is the largest paper in the McClatchy group. We are a Newspaper Guild company and have competitive salary and benefits.

Apply by Sept. 20. Send resume and cover letter to:
Brenda Rotherham, news recruiting manager
425 Portland Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55488

Brenda E. Rotherham
News recruiting & training manager
Star Tribune
425 Portland Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55488

Phone: 612-673-4422
Fax: 612-673-4526
Toll free: 800-829-8742, ext. 4422


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