Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Updates to the OED

I know I've been posting the updates to the OED from time to time, but I've never said how they're going about adding new words.

ABC News has a story quoting Jesse Sheidlower, editor of the North American division. He said editors are going through the entire dictionary, entry by entry, updating some words and adding others -- about 250 every quarter.

OED publicist Don Myers says most additions these days come from science fiction, technology and hip-hop. They've passed the 600,000-word mark and, he says, won't take words out. Even obsolete words may be relevant to someone at some point.

The latest update includes:
air kiss, n.
bouncebackability, n.
crunk, adj. and n.
doobrey, n.
euonym, n.
fucking A, adj., adv., and int.
Google, v.
Hold 'Em, n.
inner sanctum, n.
just war, n.
keepy-uppy, n.
love-struck, adj.
mash-up, n.
nadger, n.
off book, adv. and adj.
pizza face, n.
rewriteable, adj.
skatepunk, n.
text message, v.
usual suspects, n.
vice grip | vise grip, n.
wazoo, n.
yada yada, int. and n.

Want to get a subscription to the OED? Individuals in the Americas can get them for $29.95 a month or $295 a year. For institutions, there's a schedule fee.


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